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Fun Family Vacations

Family vacations put your family together in unique places and create vivid memories. Every family of every income can plan a yearly vacation that meets their budget, they just need to be more creative. Here are some ideas.

Close-to-Home Mini Vacations
Close-to-home mini vacations are trips you can take in one day. Check your local travel bureau. Many people ignore the fabulous places to visit close by their own homes.

Theme Park Vacations
Theme park vacations include places like Disneyland, Epcot Center, and local amusement parks.

Visiting Relatives
The main pupose of visitng a relative is to reconnect with family memebers who live far away. Planning things to do while you are there is also part of the fun.

Historical/Learning Vacations
Historical vacations include destinations nearby or far away that have historical significance. Learning experiences include any place that is new to you or your child. Learning experiences can also include youth summer camps and conferences.

Outdoor Living Vacations
Outdoor living vacations include any outdoor destination or basic camping.

Exotic Vacations
Exotic excursions include foreign vacations and trips that expose your children to other cultures and people.