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Entertaining Children

Most family vacations are fun...once you get there. Until then here is a list of ideas to keep your cildren busy on a long road trip.

Entertaining Children

*Play the license plate game - Try to find license plates from all 50 states as you drive.

*Play "I spy with my little eye"

*Sing Songs as you drive

*Tell family stories

*Write or draw in a journal

*Play scavenger hunt - Give each child a list of common things they might see along the road. The first child to spot every item on the list wins.

*Play navigator - Assign a child one hour to be the navigator. Give the child a map and let hm tell you where to go.

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More Ideas

*Play the counting game - Have your children count items easily seen along the road. The first one to reach a predetermined number wins. You can count red cars, motorcycles, green trees, or read mileage markers.

*Play the alphabet game - Look for the letters of the alphabet in succession from A to Z on license plates, billboards, and street signs. First one to Z wins.

*Play the "guess how far we've gone" game

*Take along a travel bag - Give each member of the family a travel bag filled with treats, notebook, maps, and grooming suppllies. Each child can also save souveniers in this bag.

*Play "categories" - Have somone in the family select a category such as movies, fruits, colors, or candy bats. Go around the family and have each member think of an item in that category until someone runs out of ideas. The first one to run out of ideas drops out the the game. The last family member in the game wins.

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