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Halloween Is For Everyone

Snack Foods

Don't forget the snacks

Deviled Eyeballs

12 eggs, hard-cooked, cooled and peeled
24 green olives stuffed with pimientos
Miracle Whip

Half eggs lenghtwise, take out yolks. Mix yolks, some miracle whip and mustard until you have a smooth paste. Spoon this mixture back into the eggs. Add one olive to the center of the mixture in the egg.

Halloween Popcorn

3cups popped popcorn
12oz. honey roasted peanuts
1pkg. caramels
1pkg. Halloween M&M's

Pop the popcorn. Put in a Large bowl and set aside. Unwrap and melt caramels over medium heat.

Add 1/8 cup water to thin out caramel. Leave on low heat. Add M&M's and peanuts to popcorn. Pour caramel over popcorn mixture. Stir well, until clusters form.


Edible Mud

9 oz. Clear Plastic Cups
Softened Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Cookie Crumbs
Gummy Worms

Fill the plastic cups about 3/4 of the way full with softened chocolate ice cream. Top with about 1/4 inch of chocolate cookie crumbs. Place gummy worms in the "dirt" and eat!

Ants On A Log

Celery Stick
Peanut Butter

A very simple snack idea! Fill the center of the celery stick with peanut butter. Place a few raisins on top to be your ants. Eat and enjoy!

If you do not like raisins, try tiny chocolate chips!

Halloween Snacks

Halloween - The Spooky Holiday!