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Halloween Is For Everyone

It's Halloween Girl!

You go girl...It's Halloween!

It's Halloween girl and it is time to PARTY! I remember when I was a school girl, I always looked forward to Halloween. It was my favorite holiday! Finding the perfect costume was the hardest part. I wanted to have the cutest girl Halloween costume out there!

I also remember the guys in my school always wanting to dress up as a girl for Halloween. I guess it was the one day out of the year they could get away with it. It never failed though, every year there was at least one boy that dress up as a girl. Isn't Halloween great?

-Leandra T.

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A girl can play many different roles on Halloween, and I have listed a few of them.

*School Girl
*Catholic School Girl
*Bad Girl
*Mean Girl
*Spice Girl
*Hot Girl
*Baby Girl
*Pretty Girl
*Cute Girl
*Show Girl
*Super Girl
*Girl Scout

School Girl Halloween Costume

Halloween Girl!

Halloween - The Spooky Holiday!